I’ve Held My Tongue Long Enough, SportsCenter Is The Worst

In a now deleted tweet SportsCenter has embarrassed themselves, again.

If you know me than you know I have a long standing beef with the people who run the SportsCenter Twitter account. They might not know it but I have been dunking on them since the beginning of time.

I don’t have a good reason to dislike this account. They’ve never done anything ACTUALLY bad. I don’t know any of the people who tweet from the account. I don’t even watch the show anymore, I just have a beef with them and it will not die. You might be thinking “Eddie, just unfollow them.” Obviously I can’t do that you moron. If I do that than they win (I admit does it matter if they “win” if they don’t know they’re playing, probably not). I’m not a reply to a big time Twitter account guy either, don’t get me wrong you’ll see a reply from me here and there. I mean I am a degenerate millennial who can’t put my phone down. Normally, I will only reply to people I know or have interacted with before but these fuckers, oh I reply to anything I see fit.

Because we are in the trust tree, I will assume you all also hate this account otherwise I’d be confused why you’re still reading this blog. Now that I know we are all on the same page with this I’d like to show you just a few times of me telling them I hate them, more or less. Feel free to tweet me @EJS_4 some of your replies to this trash account as well.

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