Danny Amendola Is Dead To Me

Not going to be returning either of Danny Amendola’s clutch catches or any of Super Bowl rings but it’s time for me to cut ties, once and for all.

Danny and I have quite a sorted past you could say. On the field, it’s nothing but rainbows and Super Bowl parades, but off the field? Danny can sit on a fence post.

Of course the first strike was cheating on ethereal goddess Olivia Culpo with a Walmart version, publicly on Miami beach wearing offensively unattractive “swimwear“.

The Dolivia Chronicles kept us entertained for the next few years. Back and forth. Just as Olivia forgave Danny, I went right along with her. And then Danny’s famous spiral started. He was out hitting the town and all the girls in it. Edelman was forced into the responsible babysitter role.

It was only a matter of time until he took to social media to make his voice heard. So we really shouldn’t be putting too much weight into Danny’s words anymore.

In the wake of the toxic and exhausting Brady vs Belichick conversation, Danny Amendola is only now a relevant guest on such hit daytime shows as The Herd or First Things First with world renowned host Nick Wright.

The reaction among Boston sports fans is exactly how you’d imagine Ben Affleck in Good Will Hunting would react hearing these comments. The Patriot Way is a way of life that goes way deeper than just Tom Brady. Danny only knows second dynasty Tom Brady. Go ahead and try and tell Ty Law, Troy Brown, Deion Branch, Richard Seymour, Tedy Bruschi, Willie McGinest, Logan Mankins, Matt Light, Adam Vinatieri, or even Dante Scarnecchia and Ernie Adams that Tom Brady is the picture next to “The Patriot Way”.

The thing is, the entire goal of both Nick Wright and Colin Cowherd is to get a viral anti-Patriots moment like they both got. If Danny had any shred of The Patriot Way left in him, it’s certainly gone for feeding right into the classic daytime sports TV playbook.

But as you now know, Danny is not really known for removing the foot from his mouth and stopping before he says something stupid. After his controversial comments on Monday, he then continued on Tuesday to dig that grave a little deeper.

First of all why did Danny have to negotiate his contracts 3 years in a row by himself? Does he have an agent or even a high school best friend turned lawyer that could have helped him out?

I don’t have a problem with Danny being pissed that he took a pay cut and didn’t make as much money as he thought he was worth for his part in getting 2 Super Bowl rings. But to put it as harshly as he “put rings on his fingers” is crossing the line. Bill Belichick won his Super Bowl rings, 8 of them by the way, by putting his team in the best position to win. Saying goodbye to beloved players right before their stock plummets is not going to be the popular choice, but it’s part of the reason Belichick’s the greatest coach of all time. That is literally in the written commandments of The Patriot Way.

If you asked Bill, he’d probably agree with Danny that the players he’s been able to coach are the reason he’s had so much success. Stop trying to make this Belichick villain narrative happen.

Parting ways with Danny Amendola to get his two years $12 million was eerily similar to Wes Welker’s departure. Patriots fans almost had to watch it happen to Edelman too. It’s not personal Danny, it’s football. It’s happened to most of the Patriots greats, for better or for worse. And it was the right decision this time too. You don’t run the league for 20 years by overpaying every single one of your players. The Chiefs are about to find that out. If it’s about money, say no to the pay cuts, pick up some extra Cameo’s on the side, get a Subway deal. Don’t blame Bill Belichick.

The revenge tour is going to be so sweet.


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