Today Should Be a National Holiday, EA Sports NCAA Football Is Back

When you read the title and saw the word ‘holiday’ you were probably assuming Groundog’s Day. Albeit a fantastic Bill Murray film, not what matters today since that glorified rat saw its shadow. What is more important is the video game sized hole that has been in our hearts, is now being filled. EA Sports NCAA Football is coming back.


When we last left NCAA, Denard Robinson of Michigan was on the cover. Pretty much the only thing that hasn’t changed in the college ranks since then is mediocre quarterback play at Michigan. Since the game vanished, conferences have changed, UAB lost their program then came back. An entire conference (AAC) was created, and the playoff system was instituted. There are so many new details to be excited about with an updated version of the game.


With NCAA 14, this video game brand seemed to be on the cusp of something special. They had worked really hard on developing offensive gameplay with a variety of different offensive schemes. As the utilization of the spread offense rapidly picked up in real life, so did it within the game. They had also begun to develop a variety of uniform options as teams began to put an emphasis on the importance of that as well. And the graphics surely weren’t there YET but you can only imagine the fine detail that could be put a 2022 version of the game, with 8 years of development to play with.


Some former college players have come out already and proclaimed their excitement. One that caught an eye was this tweet from Joe Burrow:

Joey B might be onto something here. Surely a lot of players feel the same sentiment he does that they missed the wave to see themselves within the game. One idea for the EA creators might be to have “dynasty” teams from previous years you can play with such as the 2019 LSU Tigers with Burrow and their slew of NFL Draft talent. NBA 2K does something similar with old era NBA teams.


It may be until 2022 or 2023 until the video game is officially back in some form. The NIL laws are still being worked out for players to receive compensation. Those laws will set the groundwork for the game. But damn, if this didn’t put a smile on your face and give you a rush of excitement seeing this announcement.


Cannot wait to feel the chill of goosebumps rushing through with the first sound of “EA SPORTS…IT’S IN THE GAME”.

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