Nick Foles Talks About What The Eagles Were Supposed To Run Instead Of Philly Special


Some how us Eagles fans find ourselves watching Tom Brady go back to the Super Bowl with an entirely new team since this SB 52. The Eagles on the other hand, ya know, the team that actually won the Super Bowl have fired their head coach, find themselves balls deep in a quarterback controversy and in cap hell.

How the tables have turned. But, we’ll all ways have SB 52 and one of the greatest plays of all time. The Philly Special.

Such a ballsy call at one of the most important moments of the most important game in franchise history. We’ve all seen the clip, Nick Foles running over to Doug Pederson saying, “you wanna run Philly Philly?” And Doug giving an approval back with, “Yeah, let’s do it.” The rest is history. But, turns out that they actually had a play call in and Philly Special was a last minute change.

So what was the original play call?

Speed option? Had I known that Doug originally called a speed option, I would have been campaigning for him to have been fired right after that game. A speed option with a quarterback that when he runs has been described as a ‘drunken giraffe’ is an insane play call. Could he have gotten the two yards? Maybe. But it would have been by an inch. MAX.

This is all revisionist history obviously. Eagles got the right play call, they scored the touchdown and went on to win the game. But still, this is the most Doug Pederson story I’ve ever heard.

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