Which Branders Would Show Up To The Office During A Snow Storm


It’s a snow day and some people have the day off or are working from home while others have powered their way into their place of work. So as I sit here avoiding doing my actual job I got to thinking. If Branded Sports had an office how many of us would actually make the effort to go in to work during a snow storm.

This is strictly based off my opinions and if you’re feelings get hurt you know where to reach me. I’m not gonna include myself in this because I know damn well I’d have a team of sled dogs to get to the office if I had to. #BuiltDifferent

So let’s get this started and we’re gonna start at the top of the food chain with none other than CEO Joe…

CEO Joe-

He runs the company and he’s the reason we’re able to do what we do here. I like the guy even though I’ve been fired quite a few times I’m still here so I must be doing something right. Now when it comes to if he’d be in the office during a snow storm I’m just gonna say it…there’s zero chance he’s coming in. I can already see the message coming through “yo guys not making it in today gotta get my pumps in and I run this bitch so I don’t really need to be in the office. Let’s get some blogs out.” He’d also probably blame his child as the reason he actually wasn’t able to come in. As the CEO though I’d fully respect the move he’s in the position of power and he can do stuff like that.


Another one of the head honchos here at Branded Sports and another one of my favorites despite him being a Cowboys fan. From what I gathered Kmess doesn’t seem like a big winter guy and would much rather be on the beach. That being said I don’t see him making it to the office for two reasons…First I think he spends at least 15 hours a day at the gym I mean have you seen the guys arms?!? Second, he would much rather be sitting in his warm house with his laptop enjoying a fine aged whiskey while watching a movie.


I think it’s pretty well known that me and Eddie have a pretty solid bromance. If there’s anyone that always down to drink it’s me and Eddie and I’ll blackout with him anytime he asks. Now this might come as a shocker but no chance Eddie is coming into the office during a snow storm. He already confirmed it with his own tweet.

Eddie isnt making it in simply because he’s going to be blackout wasted and probably wouldn’t wake up until like 3pm. He’d stumble into the office for the late night after the snow stopped though just to get some work done.


Another one of my favorites here at Branded she’s an absolute gem. If you think a little snow is gonna stop the queen of clicks from coming into the office you’re out of your damn mind. Ali would show up and probably be one of the first people in the office saying “It’s not even that bad, what a bunch of bitches who didn’t show up.”


As a fellow Philly guy he is used to this weather somewhat. He’s not showing up to the office though and the only reason I say that is because he’s gonna be locked in a room of his house watching film on every NFL draft prospect finding out what cereal they prefer and who their third grade crush was. He’d simply lose track of time and would end up coming out of his house a week after not knowing a snow storm even happened.


My fellow Playground member if you don’t know Chavy by know well then you havent been paying attention. I could see him being the guy that would casually be living in the office and none of us would actually know. We would just assume he leaves late every night and shows up early everyday. But really he’d have his own little apartment in the basement of the building with god knows what down there with him.

Aidan, Jesse, John-

I grouped these three wonderful gentleman together because they seem pretty similar to me. They don’t really complain about much but they are always there. These guys strike me as the type that they are showing up regardless of the conditions outside. They know the job has to get done so they are going to show up, clock in and do their job. Every place needs guys like these three.


My co-host of Ginger Thread, I love Kelsey and knowing her for as long as I have I’m allowed to say this…no way she’s showing up during a snow storm. She’s the one that would be laying in bed all day acting like she’s trying to make it in sending us messages like “Trying to dig my car out right now guys but my little arms are tired” meanwhile she’s laying in her bed under 15 blankets with a bottle of wine having not even attempted to dig her car out or make an effort to get into the office.

I know I didn’t include everyone on this blog and I apologize to anyone who isn’t included. If you weren’t included it’s not personal I just didn’t want to make this blog extremely long. But hopefully one day we do have an office and we can really find out who would show up and who we would all be calling out for letting a little snow stop them.

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