Trysta Krick Doesn’t Respect Working At Barstool Sports

If you haven’t noticed it’s snowing in the Mid-Atlantic area. We like to call these storms Nor’Easter storms. What’s a Nor’Easter? No fucking clue, all I know it brings a lot of snow (sometimes rain). Todays storm is bringing us about a Peter North (about 12″) sized amount of snow. Some parts are getting ‘Wood’ size amounts, about 18″ or more. NYC is getting railed hard this morning, the city issued a state of emergency.

Some would take this warning to heart and stay home.

Others are braving the elements and walking to work.

That’s a brave man, I wouldn’t risk my life and walk in those conditions. My commute is dangerous as it is walking down my stairs to my warm office.

I hope he made it into Barstool HQ in one piece. Some people have reported to HQ  this morning, like Trysta Krick….

More like Trysta Snitch

Glad she got in this morning to drive the bus over everyone at Barstool. I believe we need to give her a little lesson about what time people start work at Barstool, this isn’t SI.

It’s great that she’s starting before 8am….however she’s no where to be found at 11am.


That’s cute, I remember my first part-time job. Some people would give their left nut to work at Barstool. It’s a shame to see a Barstool employee call out the office and then bounce before noon. The proper tweet would have been, “First one in the office, hope everyone makes it in ok”. Some things are bigger than making yourself look like the golden girl. smh.

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