One Way Or Another, JJ Redick Could Be Coming Home

It is getting the point in the year where NBA games matter MATTER. So the teams that look like contenders are buying, and the teams that are off to a rocky start, may have fire sales. One team and one player we’ve probably seen coming in terms of a buyout or being sold off is sharpshooter, JJ Redick.


There are a gluttony of positives for a reunion between Redick and the Sixers. The 2017-18 76ers starting 5 (Redick, Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Robert Covington, and Dario Saric) finished 2nd in the NBA in offensive efficiency  rating behind the Golden State Warriors. The starting lineup has changed but a lot of connections remain. Redick, much like new starter Tobias Harris, had success in LA under former Clippers coach, now Sixers coach, Doc Rivers.

Redick and Embiid had developed a great relationship on and off the court. On the court, we have seen the results paying dividends this season for surrounding Embiid with shooters instead of 33 year old power forwards. Adding Redick to create a trio with Seth Curry and Danny Green would be fantastic depth for the Sixers. Off the court, JJ and Joel became best friends. The Sixers did an embarrassingly efficient job of isolating their star player. They traded Nerlens Noel, didn’t want Jimmy Butler back, and let JJ Redick walk. Recreating the bond between Redick and Embiid seems like a no brainer.


But much like a cage in the back of an Uber driver’s car, Shams tweet will make you raise an eyebrow. As Sixers fans, we always think we are going to get the shiny new toy. We want JJ Redick to “come home”, but what if JJ Redick wants to LITERALLY go home. As Redick mentioned on his recent podcast interview with Julius Erving, he would commute from his home in Brooklyn while playing for the Sixers (Erving shared a similar story). It would be a much shorter commute to just flat out play in Brooklyn. Although, at this point after the Harden trade, who knows what ammo the Nets even have left.


Come home to your home that’s not your actual home, JJ.

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