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Well this is where we talk about the young talent that will be around to hopefully spoil us for another 10+ years. I’m going to start with the one I feel is the most fun.


This change is almost a guarantee.
As most of us know Watson one of the best young talents in the NFL will most likely be moving on. He has officially demanded a trade. The relationship seems to be all but destroyed by a horribly run organization.  If you don’t believe me just read what one of the best WRs of the generation has said.

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Now if you were Watson why would you stay and let’s be honest even the Jets organization seems like heaven compared to the Texans.  Young great personality as head coach Saleh has the personality anyone would like to play for. “All Gas No Brake.” Again just ask Allen Robinson.
Now I will give you the Homer fan side of the story. As a 49ers fan this dude is an upgrade over Jimmy G. Not that it is a knock because he is an upgrade over about 20 qbs in the league now. What would you give up for a top 5 qb for the next 15 years? Idk if there is a trade I would not make.


Now we can’t write Darnold off just yet. Remember when McShay and Kiper thought the Jets got the best qb the 2018 draft. Well I do. His coach was crazy eyes Gase that lost respect almost before he even gained it. See what the kid can do with a decent team and coaching staff. The Jets are in a situation that really is not to bad. Got Darnold, a new coaching staff and a TON of draft capital to build including the 2nd overall pick or you trade some and build.


Is it possible a Qb drafted just last year 5th Overall is traded well in the crazy world of 2021 yes it is.  Tua could not be consistent enough to keep good old “Fitzmagic” off the field. There are also leaks that players in the locker room don’t think Tua is a good QB. You gotta love and respect Brian Flores he doesn’t give a shit about feelings. He is here to win. Play like shit get pulled. I think he has learned from the hype of Tua and will only become a better coach. The question is does Tua live up to the hype? Does he even get another chance to show it on this team?


OMG. This was one of those can’t watch injuries. Great young talent that is in Dallas the place that is more over rated than any. Haven’t won shit since 1996. Some of you weren’t even born yet. What do the Cowboys do? Another franchise tag? Let him hit the market and try to match?  Who knows what someone will pay after that injury. Will Dak ever be Dak?


The one thing a player LOVES to hear from his GM. “Jared Goff is a Ram in this moment.” Aka who would like this kid we have given up and when I say we I mean McVay. McVay trust this kid so much he barely let’s him get to have a 1 read pass play. He probably tells him before the play he sucks. I mean this is just ugly. Speaking of ugly did we see that superbowl vs NEW England. Jesus. Well just as I go to post this Goff and 2 future first round pick are traded to Lions.


Yes I said it Wentz. Now hear me out. Yes I know it was said they chose Wentz over Peterson. But now the eagles have maybe the worst cap space in the the whole NFL no team friendly contracts and 50 mill over the cap right now. To add fuel to this flame the Eagles just hired a qb coach that has known Hurtz since he was just 4 years old.  Yes they hired a coach similar to Reich which was by far Wentz best season but another questionable move from the great NFC East.


Mitch is that guy that one game looks great and the next looks awful. Actually I take the back 1 quarter looks great the next looks awful. Idk if anyone including The Bears know is going to happen.  He was drafted second overall so there is no question he has some talent but talent can only take you so far. And flashes in the pan can only keep your career alive for so long.

There are a few other players like Minshew, Fitzpatrick, Alex Smith and Haskins that may become players that make an impact on a new team next year.
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