BREAKING: Stafford, Goff Traded

NFL doing NBA things on a Saturday night. Seasons almost over but we got QB movement and, if I’m being honest, this gave me a bit of movement too.

Goff has been textbook system QB and he’s being shipped out to basically die. He’s about to reach Matt Ryan status. You never want to go full Matt Ryan. Detroit will also get a couple picks, the only thing the Rams hate more than St. Louis are first round picks.

I’m seeing a lot of early “Rams just won the NFC” tweets. I don’t see that but I think Stafford is an upgrade. NFC West is theirs to lose at this point.

I expect the Lions to have fans with bags on their head and the Rams to lose in the playoffs, early. Stafford stans are in trouble because there’s no more excuses for him.

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