The Friday Night Parlay Play


Let’s make it rain. Happy Friday to everyone out there on the internet. As you all may know, I love to gamble, one of my favorite things on this planet right behind air and cheese. So I thought, I love playing (and winning) big odds parlays, why not share the wealth with the people. A sort of, we ride together we die together thing. So, cooked up a nice Friday night parlay that I hope you will join in with me.

Only rule is, if you play it you have to tweet a screen shot of your card and tag me @JoePPopo. Not asking for a lot here people. Anyway, let’s begin.

First leg, Clippers (+5.5 -160) @ Magic. The line for this game is Magic -3.5 right now because the Clippers are banged up but, still think the Clippers can hang on the road. We’re going to buy two points here and get it at +5.5.

Second leg, Hawks ML (-170) @ Wizards. This Washington team is a mess. Beal is begging to be moved and they need to pull the trigger on that. #FreeBeal. Hawks have been hanging tough with some really good teams. Like them to win, cover 4 scares me, take ML -170.

Third leg, Blackhawks ML +108 vs Blue Jackets. Chicago 2-0 at home so far this season. Both teams give up some goals. Going to pray for some home cooking to get things done here, help boost the pay out.

So with these three legs this will give us a +435 aka $100 to win $435.


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