Dave Portnoy vs Wall Street

The last few days in the stock market have been absolutely bananalands. I would be lying if I said I have an actual clue into what is going on. I know nothing about stocks and have never had a desire to learn anything about them until this week.

From what I gathered it seems like basically we have some internet genius that are beating all of these rich buffoons at their own game and now the rich bastards are pissed about it. A bunch of people bought Gamestop stock and made it worth a shit ton of money and that didn’t sit well with a lot of people. So yesterday Robinhood(Which until yesterday I thought it was just a movie/cartoon.) and other stock apps decided to stop allowing people buy stocks in Gamestop and other stocks that were being talked about. This didn’t sit well with a lot of people and rightfully so, even if you don’t know anything about stocks like myself you know what they did wasn’t right and maybe not even legal. One of the people that has really spoken out about the illegal doings of Robinhood and other apps is none other than Barstool’s Dave Portnoy.

As you can see from the video Dave is pissed and is demanding justice to be served. You gotta love Pres sticking up for the common people that have beaten the system and calling out everyone responsible for the market manipulation that occurred. This wasn’t his only rant either as he was also on Fox News…

If you know anything about Dave or Barstool then you know he will not stop until the wrongs have been righted. When it comes to this situation he may not stop until someone is thrown in jail and rightfully so. The one person he is coming for the most so far has been the founders of Robinhood.

So there you have it in Dave’s own words…He’s coming for Vlad and Robinhood and he won’t stop until they are shutdown and thrown in jail. If you are someone that has been involved with this then I am sure you are fully on board with what Dave is doing. As an outsider like myself who has not gotten in on the fun yet I am also fully supporting Dave’s effort to get these rich scumbags thrown in jail for what they have done. That being said I have downloaded the Robinhood app but only because I was invited to it because I would like to turn $5 into $5000 overnight. So please let me know if we’re deleting the Robinhood app so I can do so and also if you can help me turn my $5 into $5000 or even into like $1000 let me know. Like I said I have no clue about stocks or trading at all but it seems like we’re all having fun and I don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

Nonetheless if i’m the Robinhood guys I’m shaking in my boots right now because once Dave gets going there’s no stopping him.


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