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So, what if I were to tell you that the NFL world is going to be changing DRASTICALLY this off-season in the Quarterback positions? What if I told you that there are currently only about 10 teams that are happy with their QB room following the end of this season? Crazy idea to grasp right? Maybe not, and I will tell you why this may be more real than you think.

Now it is important to mention that some of this is complete rumor and speculation but most likely by the time the draft comes around in April, the QB Lanscape will change the scenery. There are about 15 changes that can be made at THE STARTING QB POSITION alone. That equates to almost HALF of the teams in the entire league! This is HUGE! With that being said, I have much to say so I am going to split this into two separate articles. Today I will focus on the story of the already established, great QB’s aka “The Old Guys”.

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I know, I know, CEO Mark Murphy had just said a few days ago “We are not idiots. Aaron Rodgers will be back, he’s our leader”. But the CEO did not draft a QB in the 1st Round of last season…the GM and the Coach did.

Head Coach Lafleur appears to have ZERO faith in his MVP QB Aaron Rodgers, and it seems that Aaron Rodgers reciprocates those feelings following that loss and what was said during that press conference. To tell you the truth, I don’t blame Rodgers. I would feel the same way.

How in the HELL do you choose to kick a 3-point field goal from the 8 yard line when your team is down by 8 points, and it is the PLAYOFFS with Aaron Rodgers as your QB?! I am still puzzled by the call/ decision by Lafleur. SMH!

On top of that, Aaron Jones, the young star RB, (arguably the best back that Rodgers has ever had in his entire career) is all but gone. Also worthy of noting, The Packers cap issues are bad as they currently sit more than $25 million over. How are they going to pay Aaron Jones the salary that we are all expecting him to seek as he has more than earned the right to be paid competitively amongst the top backs in the league due to his performance over the last few years? I guess we shall see…

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Unfortunately, it is no secret but, Ryan has not been the same since his MVP award last year. The Falcons will almost certainly be drafting his future replacement in the off-season. They will likely try to trade him however they will also likely have no suitors. If they were to decide to cut Ryan, he would be a huge cap hit so this leaves him to stick around for one more year to mentor the potential drafted rookie replacement. If Ryan ends up playing poorly over the first few weeks, there is a high probability that we may not see him under center for much too long.

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I don’t think there is much to say about this aside from the obvious which is that he is a GREAT TALENT that is being wasted in a GARBAGE organization that cannot draft properly, does not bring in free agents, and also just hired Dan Campbell. Yea I know. I also forgot who he was for a second. Just Google kneecaps and his crazy stupid press conference will probably be the first search result that will appear.

Stafford has already requested his departure and as of right now it is all but a guessing game as to where he will land. Rumor has it though…the trade to San Francisco is ALL but done. #NinerNation

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You are probably asking yourself “why is Jimmy G in this conversation”? Well, let me tell you why. Reason #1 – I am a 49er fan. Reason #2 – I think if the 49er’s do make trade for a QB, Jimmy will be either a highly sought out FA or a trade for a mid-round pick or possibly even higher. Oh, and Reason #3 – It is my blog, and I can write whatever I want.

Apparently, there are rumors of The Colts already calling and asking about him and supposedly, last year, the Patriots offered a first for my man Jimmy G. I do think that there is a market for him and if the niners make a trade, they will not have the cap space for 2 highly paid QB’s. Logically, this would make zero sense.

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Let’s get right to the point…John Gruden doesn’t know what John Gruden wants. For years now he has yet to express any real confidence in his QB Derek Carr. With the end of his contract coming near as it is just 1 year away, he is at the team friendly side of things. Cutting him will save the team almost $20 million and provides Gruden an excuse for his failures over the last few years. It gives Gruden and opportunity to obtain a young guy and another opportunity to make it through the remainder of his contract. At the same time, it also gives Carr a chance to prove that he still has some gas left in the tank whilst on a team friendly deal.

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I have never been a fan of Cam. Personally, I do not think that he is an accurate enough QB to win you a game. Even during his MVP season, there was just too many throws that were easily missed. It is just unacceptable. Cam then gets his opportunity in New England behind HOF’er Coach Bill Belicheck however he did not have the bounce back year that he had hoped for and after how long it took him last year to get signed…who knows if he will get another chance. He did have a few “FLASH” plays this year but overall that is all that Cam is to me. An inconsistent FLASH player.

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Brady. A talent that most of us have taken for granted, myself included. If Brady wins this year during a time when there was NO off-season programs?? Pshh. Forget about it.

There are a ton of players with big contracts set to expire, oh, and let us not forget during a year that the Patriots could not make the playoffs without him. He has proven that he was just as much the success of the Patriots dynasty and Bill Belicheck.

Again, if Brady and The Bucs win this year, why would you not ride off into the sunset? He has already easily solidified himself as the Greatest QB of All-Time and another ring would only bring the dream (that we secretly all want) into reality. At that point, he literally would have nothing more to prove.

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I have to believe that most fans received the same feeling that I did while watching Brees walk off the field after that loss to Tom Brady and the Bucs. In his defense, that man has given EVERYTHING he could to the Saints and the City of New Orleans.

He has now lost in the playoffs for 4 straight years. We all knew this day would come, where the physical and mental stress on a 42-year-old has finally reached its limit.

Brees has already signed a deal to join Sunday night football in 2022 and if I am right, which I believe I am, I just want to say, “Man was it a pleasure watching the guy that was barely 6’ break record after record.” Hats off to you. #Respect

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Rivers has already announced his retirement in a way that only Rivers can. Here is another QB that was great to watch over the last 20 years. No cussing Rivers. “Rivers, I am glad that I got to watch and that unorthodox throwing motion for this long”.

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Now Big Ben is definitely not the same guy from even just 5 years ago. He has ZERO mobility left and he is no longer capable of keeping the play alive which was his greatest strength. Yes, he can still throw a ball extremely well BUT that look of defeat while sitting on the sideline against the Browns just did not sit right.

As he sits there with that look of sheer disappointment, I would have to presume that he is thinking to himself something along the lines of “I just lost a playoff game to the Browns? I never lose to the Browns.” Only 2 times in his career (prior to this playoff loss) has Big Ben lost to the Browns. “Enough of these kids and Tik Toking or whatever they call it. Enough of these injuries and did I mention…the damn Browns beat me”.

As a huge fan of the sport, these are the guys that I have had the pleasure of watching from draft day, all the way to the Hall of Fame for some. We were blessed with a great generation of talent and I can only hope that we have all appreciated it the way that I have.

Stay tuned for Part #2 which will focus on the “Young Guns” that may have new homes.Do I believe that all of these crazy scenarios will pan out? Nope. But it will be one hell of an off-season when at least half of them do.

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