Tobias Harris Could Garner All-Star Interest As Voting Opens Today

Call an ambulance…but not for Tobias Harris!



After what was a thoroughly impressive performance for about 44 minutes from the Sixers, they went full Process era and blew a 14 point lead in 4 minutes time. Thanks to the heroics of Tobi, he saved them from what would have been a painstaking and embarrassing collapse against the defending champion Lakers.


But it wasn’t just his game-winner that was impressive, he was in complete control all game long. He finished with 24 points on 10-16 shooting and 2-4 from 3PT as well. He looked silky smooth with his jumper, and was adamant with where he wanted to go in offensive sets. That’s been a repetitive trend so far this year, and people are taking notice.


It has been an absolutely wild and unprecedented experience watching Tobias Harris climb back in the good graces of Sixers fans. Maybe he was hindered by Al Horford being on the team as well. Honestly, I think we were all hindered by Horford being on the team.

With Ben Simmons seemingly regressing so far this year (still an outstanding, and aggressive 17/11/10 performance against the Lakers), it would be reasonable to guess that Harris replaces Simmons this year compared to last at All-Star Weekend 2021.


$180 Million well spent!

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