The NWHL Hates Nardini


Most of you probably have no clue what the NWHL even is and that sucks. However, there has been one person who has been very vocal about trying to bring exposure to the National Women’s Hockey League and Women’s Hockey in general.

That women is Barstool CEO Erika Nardini. She has gone above and beyond to let everyone know about the NWHL and has even expressed interest in buying a team. Now I’m no owner of a league, but if I have the CEO of a billion dollar company trying to be a huge advocate for a new league and possibly even buy a team I’d welcome them with open arms.

The NWHL isn’t exactly doing that…


This is obviously just one players opinion but this tweet led to media members who cover the NWHL to attack Erika and Barstool in just another hit piece on Barstool.


Stop me if you’ve seen a headline like the one above before. The amount of hit pieces out there on Barstool is ridiculous and while they may not be perfect, they do a lot more good than bad. On top of that as I’ve stated before Erika has done everything and anything to help get this league exposure and has probably brought more eyes to the NWHL than their own marketing team.

Before this hit piece came out Erika had responded to all of the people attacking her on Twitter with a video dunking on all of her haters.

Video-Erika Twitter

This video led to more attacks and this eventual response from the league commissioner.

Image-Hailey S

There have been a few players that have stepped up and stood up for Barstool and Erika like Katie Burt as you can see she responded to Dave’s emergency press conference.


This whole thing is just bananas and it’s a damn shame that there’s not more people stepping up standing up for Erika. So good on the players that have so far but there should be more considering all that Erika has done so far for the league and women’s hockey. I know for myself I would not know nearly anything about the NWHL if it wasn’t for Barstool and Erika.

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Featured Image-Erika Twitter

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