Trey Songz Violently Arrested At The Chiefs Bills Game Yesterday

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So yesterday Trey Songz was at the Chiefs Bills game and was arrested after an altercation with other fans and police. Video below shows him being tackled by a cop and then him putting that cop in a headlock with perfect WWF technique.

So, no idea how this started but everything on twitter is suggesting that Trey Songz and some fans were taunting each other. Nothing crazy, just some jaw jobs. We call that in foreplay in Philadelphia. Then, allegedly, the cop went after Trey Songz and tried to forcefully remove him from his seat. Trey said no and when the cop continued to remove him, Songz put him in a Rowdy Roddy Piper headlock. Also seeing a lot of people come to Trey’s defense saying he wasn’t doing anything that warrants being physically removed.

In my humble opinion, these seems like a cop trying to make a big deal out of nothing and fake tough guy syndrome. It’s people yelling back and forth. Relax buddy. Just go down there and tell everyone to chill or hug it out bitch. You don’t need to make a statement by arrested Trey Songz. Now, not saying you should toss people in headlocks when being arrested. Want to make that clear. Buuuuuuuuuut, it’s objectively funny watching a very calm Trey Songz, hold down some guy trying his absolute hardest to get out of being choked out. The cop looks like he’s in the fight of his life and Songz looks like he can’t decide what type of Chic-fi-la sauce he wants with his meal. Not a care in the world.

So once again, don’t choke cops. But also don’t arrest people for yelling at a sporting event. And not to beat a dead horse but, if this happens in Philly the cops aren’t even walking down to Trey Songz. They hear some dudes yelling and they keep it moving. That’s just the sound of brotherly love.

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