Recapping The Crazy Night That Was UFC 257, What’s Next for McGregor/Poirier


Yes im still processing this. I just went back and watched this fight for the first time with a clear head. It was crazy. There is so much to nitpick in these 7:30 minutes of fighting. What went wrong for conor, Poirier’s gameplan, what’s next for them both, etc. Let’s start with this. I was dead wrong about this fight. BUT, I did say that if this got out of the first round Conor might be in some trouble, and that’s exactly what happened.

I want to make it clear how much of a savage both of the gentlemen are and the respect they showed each other through the build up, post fight and beyond is something I cherish to see. Trying to kill someone for a living is not fun in any way and I love how friendly they were throughout it all.

I was a tremendous fan in the way Coach Mike Brown and Poirier’s team formalized their gameplan and perfected it. The calf kicks, the thigh kicks, were nothing short of spectacular. They way they attacked Conor’s lead leg, where he generates all of his power for that vicious left hand was almost completely nullified. With Poirier being a southpaw, the same as Conor, it made it quite easy for them to attack Conor’s lead leg. Had Dustin been an orthodox fighter, we most likely wouldn’t have seen this happen.

Here is a perfect explanation, PRE FIGHT from the great Dan Hardy. He was spot on in his professional assessment on how Dustin and his team could attack Conor’s lead leg, effectively “breaks the handle of the spear” as Hardy said. What this fight showed me was that Dustin Poirier is a completely different human being and fighter than when these 2 first fought in 2014. Now I knew this going in. But I still felt Conor would come out on top. There is absolutely no denying anymore of Dustin Poiriers greatness. He is a first ballot hall of famer in every sense of the term. Look at his track record.

It truly does not get much better than that. Im in awe when I look at that list of victories. I thought it was interesting to see Dustin say how he didn’t feel McGregor’s aura in the octagon this time around. He just saw a top Lightweight contender and that was it. I think that played a huge part in Dustin’s mentality going into this fight.

Where Conor went wrong. Well, first off after going back and re watching it, he certainly didn’t seem very comfortable in there. I had originally thought he had a great first round, he did WIN this round, but there was certainly a look of concern after that round. Dustin caught him a few times in the first round and i think he was taken a back a little. However, Conor really hurt Dustin in the 1st round there, if he had connected on the bridge of the nose with those shoulder shots, we might be talking about a Conor McGregor victory here. As Dustin was finishing Conor, I couldn’t believe what was happening. It’s something we have never seen before. Conor McGregor going down, Knocked Out cold for a second or 2. It was quite a sight, a clip that will be played for decades to come.

What’s next? Well Dustin Poirier HAS to fight for the Lightweight title next. Or he should be crowned the champion right now. They need to make a decision ASAP. I would like to see Conor McGregor fight Nate Diaz, Tony Ferguson or Dustin Poirier next. Coach Kavanagh came out today and said they want the trilogy with Dustin in May/early summer. I think they will push for it and can maybe get it, but im very intrigued to see what the UFC decides to do with this situation. There is a litany of options here and whatever the end result will be will be sure to tear the house down.

On a smaller note here, how the co main event? Michael Chandler had arguably the greatest debut in the history of the UFC. It was unexpected to me, but I should’ve seen it coming. Chandler was +650 for a KO??? Are you kidding me? How did i not see that coming. I hate myself. But, man oh man, Michael Chandler has arrived and I really look forward to seeing who is next for him.

Overall, this was a 10/10 night for the UFC. It had shocking results, spectacular finishes and some really great fights. Im so fucking pumped for 2021 man. Their lineup of fights in these next couple months is ABSOLUTELY BONKERS. Multiple title fights, legacies on the line, and some crazy top contender matchups. I for one am grateful and excited. I expect to see Conor McGregor back and better than ever this SUMMER. Heal up champ. We’re thinking of you.

Lets go.

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