A Complete Guide Of What Is Going On With Kristin Cavallari, Jay Cutler and Madison From Southern Charm


There are some moments that transcend time, space and rooting interest. While some people were focused on the Conference Championship games this weekend, absolutely everyone and everything stopped when recently separated Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari posted matching Instagram’s with the same picture and the same caption.

“The world is full of users. 10 years. Can’t break that.”

Perhaps the most intentionally shady and cryptic caption possible, most people just assumed this meant Jay and Kristin were back together. To the true internet sleuths, there was a lot of work to be done.

Well, a source exclusively tells E! News that nothing has changed between Kristin and Jay. “They are friends and they are single. They will always have each other’s back,” the insider shared.

So if Jay and Kristin aren’t actually back together, why would they post a synchronized cozied up photo with that caption? Well, it’s kind of a long story that further merges Very Cavallari and Southern Charm.

If you’re a Southern Charm fan you are most definitely sick of listening to Madison LeCroy and Austen Kroll act like 17 year olds breaking up before college. You also then know the depths Madison would go to for pettiness, so this will all come as no surprise.

To find all the information you need, it’s best to start first with the gay best friend. The easiest point of entry for any information on the messiness of a reality star is on the page of their Instagram live happy best friend. In Kristin Cavallari’s case, that’s Justin Anderson.


In the middle of December Justin posted an Instagram live with his best friend Kristin–about 3 drinks shorts of Cabo Kristin–dancing to Taylor Swift’s “Mean”, with the Southern Charm Alcoholics Anonymous chapter of Craig and Austen. If you can survive the first minute of the video, that’s Austen picking Kristin in a miniskirt and bra top up on his shoulders. Here they all are out to dinner.

After seeing that, Madison really only had one move here. And that’s get Jay Cutler. 2:50 in the video below.

The night before the Kristin/Jay post that shocked America, Madison was on Instagram live making fun of the videos of Kristin and Austen and mom-shaming Kristin for not being with her kids. She also mentioned how Jay was happy to not be with her anymore, which would seem to insinuate she had spoken to him about it.

Here’s the live of Madison

“Yeah, trust me,” she wrote. “If he was with her, he wouldn’t be sending me songs at midnight. Bless.”

She later told Entertainment Tonight, “I think he’s trying to get under my skin, which is fine. And, like, honestly? If he can pull her, go for it. Knock yourself out. I’d be shocked.” Burn!

People started demanding answers. As usual, Justin Anderson was here to drop a path of breadcrumbs that put most of the pieces of this mystery together.


it’s the “making something out of nothing” for me ✋🏽 ba ba doo, ba ba dee ee 🎶 #fyp #foryoupage #foryourpage #mood

♬ Sand Storm feat. Odalisk – Original Mix – Apashe

After the “world full of users” post, Justin went where all 40 year olds go to stir up drama for their best friend: Tik Tok. The “ba da doo, ba de dee” is clearly a reference to the iconic opening song of Southern Charm, which by the way, Bravo, has been noticeably absent this season.

“I’m talking about Madison using Kristin and Jay to try and get people’s attention. It was never gonna work,” he responded, adding that LeCroy “fooled everyone with the victim stuff” on the Bravo show.

The Very Cavallari alum’s bestie called the Greenville, South Carolina, native “drama,” telling TikTok commenters, “If everyone stops saying Madison’s name … she’ll stop making stuff up for attention.” He called her comments “cheap.”

Much like the Michael Jordan meme, Madison took that personally.

Madison woke up on Sunday and chose violence, and receipts.

Promising said receipts, Madison did not hold back.

The one word Madison covered up in this post says more than the hundreds she showed. She definitely fucked Jay Cutler. Here’s the backup receipts.

In case it was unclear from the above documentation, Madison almost didn’t even notice what was going on because she could not be bothered at all.

Not one to shy away from the drama, Kristin is undoubtedly plotting her next move. My best guess is a drunken IG live with Justin (obviously), Kristin, Jay, and Austen with a selectively chosen soundtrack is coming next. I wouldn’t put it past her to call off the divorce just to spite Madison.

Well be monitoring Justin Andersons social channels for any updates from Kristin or Jay.


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