Pierre-Luc Dubois vs John Tortorella

A big story coming into this NHL season was Pierre-Luc Dubois and his contract situation with the Columbus Blue Jackets. He ended up signing a two year deal worth $10 million and while he pretty much stated he didn’t want to be in Columbus he said it wouldn’t be a distraction.

Well….we are five games into the Blue Jackets season and guess who is the biggest story for the Blue Jackets?!? Yup, that’s right Pierre-Luc Dubois!

This should come as a shock to no one as every time a player has a contract issue it always ends up being a distraction. Last night the Blue Jackets lost their second game in a row in overtime to the Tampa Bay Lightning, bringing their record on the season to 1-2-2.

An overtime game should mean some decent ice time for a teams number one center right? John Tortorella would say otherwise as Dubois finished the game with 3:55 of ice time. He was benched from the second period on after this shift…


Look, I like Torts as a coach I really do and I totally get where he is coming from with trying to send a message. Could Dubois have shown a little more effort here on this shift? Of course he could have, but there isn’t enough here to warrant benching him for the rest of the game. I can understand maybe sitting him for a few shifts but to not play him the entire second or third period is just insane.

Here are some of the comments from Torts post game press conference…

I don’t think anyone actually expected him to really give an answer on the situation but at least he gave us a little bit. Bottom line here is this situation is starting to get ugly and it’ll be better for both parties if they try and move Dubois out of Columbus sooner rather than later. The dude has plenty of talent and could be a great addition to a contending team. The way things are going the price might not be as high as it should be to get him but we’ll see how these next few weeks pan out.

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