Braves Are Pushing To Sign JT Realmuto

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Excuse me for a second….


Why, why can’t we just have nice things? Earlier this week Ken Rosenthal had me feeling like JT and the Phillies were a done deal. Now not only might he be out of the city but could very well be staying in the NL East? God why??? Answer me!!!

If this is true it’s completely worst case scenario and I smell conspiracy theory. Think about it. The Phillies ownership basically says, JT, not really worried about him. Hope he has a great life. Then out of the blue they offer him this massive deal right before it comes out that the Braves and a hand full of West Coast teams are talking to him. Feels like they are just trying to save face by slipping out there they offered a deal. Just so they can come out later and say hey we tried.

Also if he goes to Atlanta, just trade Bryce Harper. He deserves better. He signed with Philly in hopes of winning a championship not being a part of some slow insanely bad rebuild.


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