What Is The Maximum Amount Of Consecutive Unanswered Texts You Can Send Until You Are A Creep?


Keeping in mind that it only takes one text to be a creep, sometimes even a simple word, there is a maximum amount of texts you can send in a row without a reply and it’s a lot less than the 62 that president of the creep community Jared Porter sent to a female reporter in 2016 and to who knows how many more since then.

This isn’t a clickbait headline to be like ‘ew zero men are gross every man is creepy’ even though that may be what I personally believe as a human woman living in this world. I am going to give you a real answer on the exact number of consecutive texts you can send before being dangerous to the opposite sex.

Excluding relationships where you may be sending a grocery list, telling a story about a mundane annoyance throughout your day, or texting your mom step by step instructions on how to attach a screenshot, I think the number of unacknowledged texts you can send without being a creep is 3.

Perhaps the first text is an emoji to respond to something in the conversation, which should be a red flag in the first place. Don’t lean on emojis instead of having a sense of humor. Maybe the next is a verbal response to a previous message. A third message may be appropriate to ask a follow up question to direct a response back to the original texter. Then step away from the phone. One more line of text on a notifications window from 3 to a 4 should instantly alert the FBI and the persons current employer.

Nothing good can come from a quadruple+ text chain that couldn’t wait for a response to continue. And to continue 58 additional times, averaging 17 photos per message seems not only exhausting but like a huge waste of time. This is why men and women are so different.

If a woman sent a filtered selfie and got no response we would simply invite 4 friends over to drink a personal sized bottle of wine and express our insecurities as this memory will stick with us through life and affect all of our future relationships, but for some reason men are not at all concerned with their inadequacies or the fact that literally no one wants an unannounced dick pick.


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