Streamer Nick Mercs Partners With Barstool Sports

Absolute huge news in the world of streaming and gambling. Barstool is set to open up their Sportsbook in Michigan Friday and they’re partnering up with Twitch Streamer Nick Mercs to do it. Nick is from Michigan and has been interviewed by PMT, he’s had a mini rivalry with Smitty and has been seen on stream rocking Barstool Hooligans (Barstools’ esports team) merch. Not too many details have been released by Nick did have this to say after the announcement.

A lot of talk about big things to come but what he does let us know is that he will be doing a charity stream for the Barstool Fund. The Barstool Fund is something that Dave started a few weeks back to help small businesses stay open while the government sat on their hands. They’ve raised over $20 million dollars so far.

I think this was only a natural progression for not only Barstool and Nicks relationship but for streaming in general. I’ve wanted to have Branded partner with a streamer but we’ve just been looking for the right relationship. Obviously, nothing on this scale.

If anyone was wondering if the Sportsbook would be successful, if it’s anything like the one in PA I think they’ll be just fine.

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