Is The Drew Brees And Sean Payton Combination The Most Overrated Ever?

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On Sunday evening it appears that we saw the last game of Drew Brees’s career.  Which means we have seen the end of the Brees/Payton combination.  Am I going to miss watching Drew Brees play football?  Absolutely.  The guy is a warrior, an all time QB, first ballot Hall Of Famer and… Should have won more than one Super Bowl.

Brees has played in 287 games with a record of 172-114.  Has thrown for 80,358 yards with 571 touchdowns.  All time shit.  Sean Payton is 139-84 as head coach of the Saints, almost all of those wins coming with Drew Brees under center.

Every.  Single.  Year.  It was the Saints year.  Every.  Single.  Year.  The Saints were the most feared team coming out of the NFC.  We were always told that the Sean Payton and Drew Brees connection was the second best coach/QB connection behind Bill and Tom in New England.

But… Every.  Single.  Year.  Besides 2009 the Saints fell short in the playoffs.  Sean Payton has coached 17 playoff games for the Saints and has a record of 9-8 after the loss to Tom Brady and the Bucs on Sunday.  I mean, barely .500.  Since 2006 Brees and Payton have played in 3 NFC Championship games, going 1-2.  Only win coming in 2009 season when they went on to win the Super Bowl 31-17 over the Colts… Thanks to one of the most gutsy calls in Super Bowl history, with Sean Payton calling an onside kick to start the second half.

Yes, Payton Manning only won one ring in Indy.  Yes, Dan Marino never won any in Miami.  But for the past 14 years I always knew the Saints were good, I always knew the Saints would make the playoffs but I never truly believed they were going to win the Super Bowl… Any of those years.

I feel like the football gods were always against the Saints as well, and maybe that was also because of all the hype they had each year.  They got screwed with the no PI call against the Rams in the NFC Championship game.  But, lets also not forget that Brees did not play well in that game either, he was absolutely outplayed by Jared Goff.. If the geniuses that are Brees and Payton did what they were supposed to do that call wouldn’t have even mattered.

Then the following year they got bounced by Kirk Cousins and the Vikings, after a walk off Cousins to Rudolph touchdown sent the Who Dat Nation packing.

Then on Sunday, once again the Brees, Payton and the Saints fall short after being beat by Brady and the Bucs.  Brees having arguably one of his worst games I have ever seen.  In the second half I thought he was going to throw a pick on every pass he threw.

Listen, again I am not personally knocking Brees or Payton.  I like Drew Brees the player and will miss watching him play on Sunday’s.  I hope he has a successful career in the broadcast booth, especially if he will be calling Notre Dame games.  And, I also have nothing personal against Payton.  He came from my Dallas Cowboys and there were plenty of years I wished he would have stayed…

All I am saying is for all the hype… Every year.  And to fall short… Every year (but one.) Makes them overrated.  If I was a Saints fan and this truly is the end of Brees, of course I am celebrating all of the good, and happy about the Championship Brees and Payton brought to New Orleans..

…But, I am also pretty pissed that they only got one.  After all of that hype.


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william mcneil
william mcneil
January 19, 2021 8:17 pm

I am really pissed if im a Saints fan because their only title is tainted by BOUNTYGATE. They won ZERO titles without cheating. Massive underachievement

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