There Is Too Much Crying In The NFL Playoffs

There are few times in a grown mans life that are acceptable to cry. Luckily I have already outlined those for you here, which you’ll notice do not include after getting eliminated in the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs. Yet here we are. In just one week, we’ve seen 3 very public displays of emotion on the sideline.

We started off with known cryer Big Ben unabashedly weeping after losing to the Cleveland Browns on Wild Card Weekend.

Ben’s tears seemed to be at the thought of playing his last game as a Pittsburgh Steeler, but he already announced he will be back next year so maybe just thinking about some of the Barstool Fund videos he’s watched over the last few weeks.

Not to be outdone, Aaron Donald proved why he’s got a 99 rating in crying this year after losing to the Packers.

Rounding out the weekend, Drew Brees was surprisingly the most put together despite actually calling it a Hall of Fame career in a loss against Tom Brady after throwing 3 picks. But alas, Drew Brees’ eyes looked as wet at Jameis’ index finger after he eats that W.

It’s simply too early for crying in the playoffs. I’m willing to concede to the Conference championships, or even perhaps during a touching live National Anthem. Anything outside of that is excessive. This isn’t week 3 of the Bachelor and you didn’t get a one on one. Save the crying for the Fantasy Suites. None of those teams belonged in the Super Bowl, even Big Ben had to know that. First we have athletes with opinions, and now they are having actual human emotions? What’s next, kissing your kids? Stick to sports one time guys.


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