Josh McDaniels Was The Head Coach Of The Eagles Yesterday For Roughly An Hour


Just a wild headline to read, I know but it’s true. Yesterday afternoon some idiot, most likely die hard Madden player, got into Josh McDaniels’ Wiki page and named him the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

While the Eagles haven’t hired anyone yet, I do think there is a real chance Josh McDaniels does end up being the guy in Philly. I know that scares a lot of people but I’m, not convinced that it would be a bad hire. And clearly the Eagles feel the same way, having interviewed him for over 8 hours.

Here’s what the decision on McDaniels is going to come down to. Does Carson Wentz like him? And that’s honestly probably all it will take. There are reports that Lurie has a fat head of Carson in his office. Wentz and Doug Pederson clearly didn’t see eye to eye and look who’s gone. It’s no secret that Lurie wants to save face with Wentz and try to get him back to MVP form. That tells me he is going to want to bring in an offensive minded coach.

McDaniels is just that. 12 of the 13 years he served as the OC in New England they had a top 10 offense. Yes I know there is a small caveat which is the greatest NFL quarterback to ever play the game. But you’d be fooling yourself if you tried to say Josh McDaniels had zero to do with any of that. The Eagles are interviewing Todd Bowles today. Can’t think of a worst option for this team in the current situation. That doesn’t feel like a fit but hey, when it comes to this team, who knows?

Two final thoughts. 1. I think there is a coach hired by the end of this week. I can’t see this going much longer. If that’s McDaniels or Brady or Bowles. I think we are almost at the end of this. My second final thought is this, for my Eagles fans out there that look at guys like McDaniels and are turned off because he is a Patriot. Stop. I see too much commentary on twitter from idiots saying you can’t hire a Patriot because this and that. If the most successful sports franchise in the last 30-50 years is letting go of talent. I’m ready to pick it up. Don’t be a small brained dumb dumb.

Go Birds

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