Kemba Walker Is Available For The First Time Today

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Kemba has been out the entire season from knee surgery and is finally available. I’m actually pretty surprised he’s back but if he’s available I’d be shocked if he doesn’t play today versus the Knicks. I really wasn’t expecting to see Kemba until last February, early March. I know reports the last couple of weeks were he feels great but still I thought they’d baby him.

Now, he is going to be on a minutes restriction. He’s not going to come out and average 20 a night, they’ll be careful with him. I’d even be willing to bet if it’s close down the stretch they have him on the bench. The Celtics have been dealing with injuries and Covid related stuff all season and they’ve still been one of the best teams in the league. I trust how prepared they’ll be for any situation including handling Kembas comeback.

What I don’t trust is the fans. All off-season and preseason we’ve seen supposed fans saying the Celtics are at best a 6/7 seed in the East. All season they’ve been calling for Kemba to be traded for no real reason. Now they continue to prove themselves with one of the harder schedules to start the season. They continue to win, they continue to look impressive and improved from last year. This team is good but the haters will still call for Kembas head because they’re morons. Turn off Felger and Maz, please. They’re rotting your brain.

This team will get home court. This team will make the ECF again, I have no doubt about either of those. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

If you want more NBA content check out my podcast by clicking here!

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