James Harden Will Make His Nets Debut TONIGHT

Harden is cleared to play and we are going to get KD and Harden playing on the same team for the first time since Presti ran him out of town in OKC. I’m pretty neutral on Harden, I could care less about the Nets, Rockets or Thunder. I do really like KD but that’s not important. I don’t have anything against Russ either. Getting Harden linked with KD is unbelievable. Philly losers like CEO Joe not wanting Harden, sickening that such a loser (Joe) wouldn’t want Harden. Sixers don’t deserve him, honestly. Joe called Harden a loser who has never won anything in his career today on Branded Radio. Somehow he forgot about the MVP or the All NBA awards or getting farther in the playoffs then almost the entire Philly roster. Joe is a homer and a fraud and I just want you all to be aware.

Now that we all know Harden is good and Joe is an idiot let’s talk tonight quickly. No Kyrie and the Magic are missing 3 players including Fournier. Magic lost big to the Celtics last night SO, I think whatever you can get Harden points at you take.

Garvey found me this line on a site that rhymes with Dan Tool (no free ads) and lock in the over.

Over 27.5? I don’t care take it. Take it twice. Great odds too. He doesn’t know the offense, they’re playing freestyle, street ball today boys. KD and the gang are going to FEED Harden, it’s going to be gross, he might take 50 shots. He’s scoring EVERY TIME DOWN THE COURT I KNOW IT.

Lock it in. Tune in. You’re welcome.

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Just saw this. He’s stunting on us all. Harden putting up 35. Easy.

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