“Eagles Choose Wentz Over Pederson.” -Brett Favre


I have been saying this since the moment the announcement was made that the Eagles were firing Doug Pederson… Wentz won.  Yes, I agree that Doug was “ok” with being fired because he had a growing frustration with multiple aspects of the Eagles organization.  Not getting the best “groceries” to make the meal with from Howie.  Not having the support of Lurie in wanting to promote more of his guys.  And probably ultimately being “stuck” with a high priced quarterback that he didn’t believe in.

Remember… I am an outsider, I am not an Eagles fan.  But I live in Eagles country, am married to an Eagles fan and work for a blog in the Philadelphia market, so I follow the team as closely as I do my own.

“To me, basically it says that they chose Carson (Wentz) over Doug.” Brett Favre said on SiriusXM.

I pretty much fully agree with old man Favre on this one.  I do think that it is true that Lurie didn’t like the path that Pederson was on with the team.  However, I also believe that Howie has Lurie’s ear (obviously… He seems untouchable) and Wentz is his guy.  I think the Cap genius also convinced Lurie that he can work his “cap magic” with other elements of the team but taking the cap hit to move Wentz would be a mistake.

So Lurie had to make a choice.  Go with the coach that seems to be a bit disinterested and may not believe in your QB or go with the QB who you are financially tied to and your GM is still telling you is the guy.

NBC Sports “This kind of decision has probably multiple, multiple variables, but it’s not based on a quarterback or a particular position group,” Lurie said. “Certainly, you have to look at the regression of our offense. … I look more at the whole picture. It’s not about a particular player or a particular group, and that’s true for going forward.”  Jeffrey Lurie said last week.

I agree Jeff but….. I mean….

Back to Brett, we have to remember that him and Pederson are friends so it is probably safe to say that he is annoyed and trying to back is boy when he said..

NBC Sports “But I mean, we’re not that far removed from their first Super Bowl title ever. Ever. How quickly you forget, you know? Look, the record the last few years since the Super Bowl win, has been not up to par but you can point to a lot of things that have contributed to that. But, I mean, you don’t win a Super Bowl by being a bad coach. I’m sorry, you just don’t.”

He’s not wrong.  But again from an outsider’s perspective and knowing a lot of Eagles fans, I think moving on from Pederson is a good decision.  HOW(I)EVER.. Holding on to Howie is the big mistake.

I am more interested in seeing who the Eagles bring in to replace Pederson first before moving on to the next few months of Philadelphia debate…








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