Philadelphia Eagles Ask To Interview Dallas Cowboys OC Kellen Moore For Their HC Opening!


Not sure if I saw this one coming when I fired up the old laptop this morning.

A few weeks ago there was talk about Kellen Moore leaving the Dallas Cowboys to go become the Head Coach of his Alma Mater Boise State.. However, after a meeting with Jerry Jones he signed a new 3 year extension to continue to be the OC.  Which basically tells me he got the Jason Garrett treatment and Jerry Jones basically ensured him he will be the next Dallas Cowboys head coach.

Well, there has been a wrench thrown into the equation.  Last week the Philadelphia Eagles fired Doug Pederson and are now asking the Cowboys permission to interview Kellen Moore for that opening.

Do they really have interest in making Moore their HC or are they trying to pick the brain of the leader of their biggest rival’s offense.

Kellen is widely known as one of the league’s “young offensive geniuses.”  A younger version of Sean McVay who has the trust of Dak and has been very tightly connected with Dak’s progression.  The two were teammate’s Dak’s rookie season before Moore retired and became the Cowboys Quarterback’s coach then being promoted to Offensive Coordinator.

My guess is this is a big reason why the Eagles are looking at Kellen, can he help turn around Wentz and can he help develop a young Jalen Hurts as he has done with Dak..

My best guess is that in the end Kellen Moore will not become the head coach of the Eagles.  I feel like he knows he is the Cowboys head coach in waiting, he can learn and grow more under McCarthy.  He gets to continue to work with a QB he already has a great relationship with, and he is under contract through 2023.  And, not to mention Kellen is a “Jerry guy” so no chance that Jerry lets him get out of the building.

And… Why the hell would you want this Eagles disaster to be your first head coaching job at 32?!


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