Michael Irvin: “The Dallas Cowboys Are Closer To The Super Bowl Than The Baltimore Ravens.”


Wait.. What?

While on an interview on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas for the Shan & RJ Show Michael Irvin said what?

105.3 Interview

I mean come on man… I get it, the Ravens need to go through the Bills and then probably the Chiefs to get to the Super Bowl and that is next to impossible but…

The Dallas Cowboys went 6-10 this season.  The Dallas Cowboys have basically no playmakers on the defensive side of the ball.  Dak Prescott is coming back off a bad injury.  Mike McCarthy didn’t show much as head coach in his first season with the Cowboys.  What in gods name would make me think that adding all of that together means they are even going to sniff the Super Bowl, let alone the playoffs anytime soon.

The only way this team makes the playoffs in 2021 is because the division is going to stink again.

I don’t think the Ravens will make the Super Bowl this season and probably not next season if the Chiefs continue to be the Chiefs.  BUT you can not say a 6-10 Cowboys team is closer to the Super Bowl than a team that is literally 2 wins away from the Super Bowl… Right.  Now.

I also understand that this is Michael Irvin, it is who he is and what he does.  He’s flashy and loud and makes crazy predictions, especially when it comes to the Cowboys… But I mean, please stop Playmaker, please.


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