Not Fat Shaming But James Harden Definitely Did Have His Pregame Meal In What Sounds Like His Farewell Tour To The Rockets

I am not in the position for outwardly shaming anyone for letting go a little bit in 2020. It was a tough year for everyone, trying to survive a global pandemic, holding onto our jobs by a thread and having to live a normal life without being allowed to safely leave our houses in some shithole city.

Except maybe one could argue for professional athletes. There was no better time to be just obnoxiously wealthy with no real threat of losing your livelihood living in some mansion with an Amazon Prime account and a private jet to some secluded island. James Harden is being paid $38 million dollars this year to just stay in shape and stay out of the strip club and he can’t do either. He would have thrived in 1970’s era NBA just drinking a fifth before the game and throwing up jumpers.

So that’s why I’m glad I didn’t have to be the one to just politely notice that it appears James Harden did not miss his pregame meal before getting blown out by the Lakers. Not saying anything is wrong with this image, but he just does kind of look like he’s full to me.

Sounded like he could have been a little hangry after the game too considering these comments he made about the Rockets immediately after a 17 point loss to the Lakers, and just a short time after facing league action for potentially contributing to an outbreak of coronavirus on the entire organization.

I just don’t think James Harden wants to play basketball anymore. Truthfully, if I made almost $200 million at 31 I probably would think about just eating every chicken finger in sight and mailing it in for my $40 mill a year. I mean, 9 games into the season and the John Wall and James Harden experiment is already over.

Between this and Kyrie poor Adam Silver is probably losing sleep over at the robot charging station. The NBA is in a pickle and it seems like the last hope might just be left in one man’s hands….


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