James Harden Is Getting Traded Today, To Where Though?

Harden will not be a Houston Rocket by the end of the day. That much we know. At this point it’s who is willing to give up more the Nets or the Sixers.

Basically it comes down, in my head, to two things. Do the Rockets want to blow this whole thing up even after signing John Wall, Wood and Boogie? OR what players are the Nets sending along with SEVEN (7) picks. If the Rockets want to have a fire sale, Harden will be on a plane to Brooklyn to reunite with KD. If they think they can still compete, which they 100% can, then Embiid will lose his roommate. It sounds like it’s that simple.

Simmons and Maxey is better then any deal Brooklyn can put together without including KD/Kyrie which I have to guess is off the table. Sounds like Philly wants PJ Tucker as well and we’re going to need to get other teams involved to make this work but if Morey has Simmons back on the table, Harden will be a 76er.

With the Rockets telling Harden not to come to practice it is clear they’re over him, which means he will get what he wants. That is why I think this deal gets done tonight. My best guess, in the next few hours.

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