If Todd McShay Is Right About The Eagles 2021 1st Round Draft Pick, I’ll Cry

Todd McShay, the ESPN draft expert, released his projected first round a few days ago and I am shocked by it. First off he doesn’t have Fields going until New England at 15. While I could see the Patriots drafting a quarterback, I can’t imagine Fields drops that far.

He also has Mac Jones going in the first round which I think is a stretch. The kid was amazing this year, broke some Joe Burrow records but he is much more a factor of the system. Also he’s built like a guy that buys underage kids beer for them.

But we’re not here for that we’re here to talk about the Eagles pick. McShay has in his draft for the birds:


No thank you. And not, no thank you to Micah Parsons as a player. Kid is a stud and will be a great pro. No because if you are going to move forward with Wentz, which it seems like you are. Then go and get him some legit weapons. A kid from TCU isn’t going to cut it. Philly is going to find itself with an opportunity to draft 1 of 2 can’t miss wide receivers. Devonta Smith and Ja’Marr Chase. Here’s your 2021 first round draft plan:

Take one of them.

That’s it. Don’t get cute and try to out smart people. Take one of the receivers that in their last season playing college ball put up 20+ touchdowns. Yes this team has holes at linebacker and I get that. But you took a swing and missed by not taking Justin Jefferson last season and what did he do? He went on to break the rookie records. Don’t make that same mistake twice.

Feed me a SEC receiver. And if Howie does try to out smart everyone and take some OT or LB. He should be fired on the spot. Before he leaves the war room. Thanks for all you did now hit the bricks bitch.

Featured Image: Bleacher Report

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