Tips on Selecting Your Super Bowl Fantasy Football Team

Participating in fantasy sports is a way for someone to channel their creativity in whatever sport they enjoy. A crucial part of playing, selecting your picks for your fantasy teams is both the easiest and hardest part of playing. With a month to go until the superbowl, NFL fans are hyped to witness the games to see which team and players will shine. 


If you were to set up a fantasy team worthy of competing in the Super Bowl, who would you put in your team? If you haven’t had your lineup yet, here are some tips to help you with your picks.


Be Mindful of Your Salary Cap

One of the first things you need to know before playing the fantasy sport is that you aren’t exactly free to select the players you want for the team.


Fantasy sports also have a salary cap or the total amount of money needed to hire all participating players. You are given a budget you have to use in drafting players who have their specific salary. Select whoever you like into your team as long as their total cost does not exceed your given budget.


What you could do is to measure how much would be spent if you put your pics together in your fantasy team, considering you already have your dream lineup. Compare the total of their salaries to your budget. 


It should be lower or exactly the amount you have. If your picks have a total amount higher than your budget, then you may need to adjust by replacing some players with those with a cheaper cost, but are still good players for your team. Good performance does not always mean an expensive cost for the players, especially if you know where to look. 


Make Comparisons

If you want the best people on your team, a good and typical strategy to select who these people will be is to always look at the stats and make comparisons. The specific stats you should look for are previous performances and awards. The NFL’s website has all the verified and additional records you need when analyzing a player. 


You need to make sure you are able to draft into your team at least eleven main players plus substitutes. Fill in the slots for the positions, which are the center, guard, tackle, quarterback, running backs, wide receivers, tight end, kicker, defensive linemen, linebackers, defensive backs, and the punter. 


Each player has different stats depending on their position, such as passes, receives, and tackles. Ideally, you would pick the player with the best stats for their position, but keep track of your salary cap to make sure your lineup does not exceed your budget.


Be Updated

Another tip you need to take note of in setting up your team is to make sure you’re updated on your picks. While fantasy sports are considered a so-called game of skill and not by chance, the game also takes from player updates in real life. This includes retirements, team trades, and handicaps such as injuries. This will affect the status of your player, and thus the outcome of your game.


If you already have your planned lineup, look for the most recent updates on them. Double-check for updates regarding news on players’ participation and potential hiccups like injuries. Additionally, you must also check if the player is still active, especially days before the game starts. Even if there are already available odds, incidents are still bound to happen.


Read and Study the Odds

A sport’s odds are always the handy guide of a gambler persistent to winning. While fantasy games are not necessarily considered gambling, you can also use the odds to determine who you want on your team. 


This is not just any sort of prediction. The odds are calculated based on a number of factors by experts. Make sure that the odds you have are verified. Several fake sportsbooks have their odds blown out of proportion from the real one, which can rob you of your money.


The odds don’t necessarily predict what will happen in the game. These are calculations based on stats and previous performances by the participating teams. What you could do, however, is to look at the favorites and dissect what gives them the edge, which is usually due to a player’s performance. 


You can take apart the best players of one favorite team and then do the same for another. But don’t take them solely because the odds say so. Do additional research on these players, so you’ll know they’re worth adding to your team. Check out the odds for the upcoming postseason games for reference.



Fantasy games are a way to get creative with making your dream team and see how they would fare in a game against everyone else. However, it’s also a game of skill and strategy, which requires knowing who you have and who you’re up against. Always be careful as you finalize your lineup but don’t forget to have fun.

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