NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions

Yes, I know what youre thinking…”Walsh the season hasn’t even started yet how the hell can you make your Stanley Cup predictions?!?!” Well last year when I was writing for my own blog I did just one giant NHL preview blog instead of the division ones like I did this year and guess what…I ended up picking the Stanley Cup Final correctly. Don’t believe me? Here is picture evidence and the link to the old blog to prove it…https://www.gingerthread.com/post/nhl-season-preview

This season is going to be weird, we have 56 games and they all will be against division opponents. More than likely there will end up being some big names that might miss games due to COVID. Hopefully that doesn’t happen but at this rate it just seems inevitable. So while the regular season is going to be weird, that should make for some interesting playoff races. We have the top four teams from each division making the playoffs which also means we may have some good teams end up missing out on the playoffs. So if you read all of my division preview blogs you probably already know who my playoff teams are. But just because you know who I think is making the playoffs doesn’t mean you know who I am taking to win the cup…So lets get to it.

North Division Bracket:

(1)Edmonton Oilers vs (4)Calgary Flames

(2)Toronto Maple Leafs vs (3)Vancouver Canucks

West Division Bracket:

(1)Vegas Golden Knights vs (4)Arizona Coyotes

(2)Colorado Avalanche vs (3)St. Louis Blues

Central  Division Bracket:

(1)Tampa Bay Lightning vs (4)Nashville Predators

(2)Dallas Stars vs (3)Florida Panthers

East Division Bracket:

(1)Boston Bruins vs (4)Pittsburgh Penguins

(2)Philadelphia Flyers vs (3)New York Islanders


North Division Second Round Bracket:

(1)Edmonton Oilers vs (2)Toronto Maple Leafs 

West Division Second Round Bracket:

(2)Colorado Avalanche vs (4)Arizona Coyotes

Central Division Second Round Bracket:

(1)Tampa Bay Lightning vs (3)Florida Panthers

East Division Second Round Bracket

(2)Philadelphia Flyers vs (4)Pittsburgh Penguins

Conference Finals Bracket:

(1)Tampa Bay Lightning vs (2)Philadelphia Flyers

(2)Toronto Maple Leafs vs (2)Colorado Avalanche


Stanley Cup Final:

(1)Tampa Bay Lightning vs (2)Toronto Maple Leafs

Prediction: Leafs in 7


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