Eagles NOW Decide They Can’t Decide If Doug Pederson Should Be Back

Think all Eagles fans agree here that this new ESPN Sunday tradition of reporting on drama on the team is getting old in a hurry. It’s the most annoying trend since we spend days on end arguing about the color of a dress. Nonetheless, the Eagles are back in the headlines again this week, despite their season coming to a dreadful close already:


This report is infuriating for a multitude of reasons. Honestly, pick your poison on the details of this report which when put together create a level of dysfunction unheard of even in Philly sports.


The season ended a week ago. Every other team who was ready to move on from their coach, did just that! They are now in the interviewing and hiring process of available candidates. They’ve made their list and checked in twice, like a Santa Claus who specialized in giving fans 5 win seasons. Yet, the Eagles are just NOW hitting the point of uncertainty.


Everyone reading this has been in a relationship at one point, right? So during that relationship, if you were unsure of the vision moving forward, did you stick around and get married. How many times do you talk to newly weds about their “how it happened” story and they respond with: “Well we were unsure if we had a future together and both of us were frustrated with each other. It was hard to see the vision of a future together. So we decided, why not keep going!”


The Eagles have put themselves two steps behind even some of the most inept franchises in the NFL such as the Detroit Lions and Atlanta Falcons. They are a sinking ship just now asking themselves if they have the right captain.


But, by far the biggest problem with the Eagles, and the most obvious to everyone outside of the NovaCare Complex is there GM once again skating by without blame. Seriously, how is it possible that everyone is on the hot seat except for the GM who caused this mess to begin with? It’s Carson Wentz’s fault. It was Jim Schwartz fault. Now it’s Doug Pederson’s fault. Yet, all of these people would be attaining a much higher level of success if the GM could hit on ANY draft picks.

The Eagles after this year will have just one remaining player on their team from the 2017 NFL Draft: Derek Barnett. They didn’t just miss on DK Metcalf or Justin Jefferson, which were atrocities. They are missing on any starting caliber level player.

Yet, here they sit with a Top 10 pick. And the man responsible for that gets his sixth shot at redemption. Meanwhile, everyone else gets stuck on the hot seat.


What. A. Mess.

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