Is This The Funniest Ending To A Basketball Game In History?


Nothing like a little Sun Belt aka Fun Belt action on a Friday night to get the juices flowing!

Little Rock down two with the game on the line. They bring it down the court with a chance to tie or take the lead against the Rajun Cajuns. The suspense is building, and then…

‘That is not the three point shot that they wanted”, says the announcer, ignoring the blatant special effects disaster.

That reaction is laugh out loud funny. In that gym, the lights went off as if it was the scene in iRobot where the robots were attempting their overthrow of humans. And this announcer is absolutely disgusted with the three point attempt. Like yeah no kidding it wasn’t the shot that they wanted. I’m sure when they drew the play up, they wanted the shot to be attempted when it’s not pitch black in the arena. His broadcast partner tries to draw attention to the coach being upset (wonder why), and the announcer goes right back to the shot attempt!

I try to tie my shoes every morning in the dark, it never works. I’m sure it is much harder than that to hit a buzzer beater three point shot in the dark.

Oh, and if you are curious about a follow up to how things turned out after that special effects debacle, there is no follow up. The officials just called the game! Some audio visual intern at Louisiana just shut the lights off, the other team missed its game winner, and everyone went home. You have to feel for Little Rock and their coaching staff who was going ballistic, but at the same time this is laugh out loud funny.

That’s why you have to love these smaller conferences. Even though these two teams look to be pretty good, the smaller conferences always produce the most unique and unbelievable storylines. For instance, the dad who is tossing his son in the air like they’re in their backyard above ground pool, covers the screen for half of the Little Rock possession. It’s about the fourth most chaotic event to occur in this end of game sequence.


Long live Sun Belt Fun Belt Fridays.

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