This Might Be The Worst Coffee Take Of All Time


So a group chat conversation got a little out of hand this morning. It all started with me saying that my wife isn’t using her Ember Mug anymore so I took it over. If you don’t know what the ember is it’s one of the world’s greatest inventions. It is a mug that keeps your coffee piping hot. We’re not even sponsored by them…..yet. Hit us up Ember. But this product is too good not to give a little free advertising to.

So we’re talking about the mug and Ali throws out she’s ice lyfe or die. Fine, I can live with that. I too think iced is better than hot but Eddie makes a great counter point. Nothing worse than a cold cup of hot coffee. Bingo. Iced coffee is meant to be cold and there for it’s perfect. Hot coffee is meant to be hot, when it turns cold, it taste awful. Maybe it’s a mindset thing, I’m not sure but Eddie is 100% right. A sentence I never thought I say/write.

Then, out of no where, Walsh decides to chime in with the worst coffee text of all time.

Get out of my face with this Walsh. Drink coffee like a normal adult. Immediately when I saw it I reacted, as you can see, aggressive some might say. But it was a gut reaction. I would apologize but I can’t. What I will do is say this. I was never a coffee drinker until like 5-6 years ago. And seeing as Walsh is like 19 or 26, he’s right on that timeline. But, never had a sip is bananaland. I wasn’t a drinker but I drank it before that. Insane.

So get better Walsh. Also side note, just took another sip of my coffee from the Ember, might be too hot this thing is amazing.

PS: The ‘don’t talk to me until I had my coffee crew’ are the worst. They are like the cyclist of the caffeine world. The guy from this McDonald’s commercial is legitimately the worst human on the planet. If anyone says ‘don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee’ when you are trying to interact with them, you should be protected under the law to punch them square in the face.

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