James Harden’s Powerful Statement On Yesterday’s Events

Some outside the sports world want professional athletes to simply “stick to sports”. Stars like LeBron James and Drew Brees have learned making any statements about political or societal issues can kickstart a tsunami of criticism and hateful rhetoric online, especially in the genericname80083192 Twitter community.

James Harden has been in hot water himself over the past few weeks for attending a business networking party, which was definitely not a strip club, and possibly spreading COVID to his entire team that eventually led to them having to postpone a game.

After the horrific and disgusting events that took place yesterday at the Capitol, many journalists used post game press conference time to elicit responses from these star athletes on the events of the day. Many players, like Draymond Green and Jaylen Brown, used their time to passionately speak out against the riots and express themselves as thought leaders unafraid of any backlash for standing up for what’s right, sports or not.

We will probably all remember where we were when James Harden delivered such a powerful statement on this historical moment.

Can’t blame James for missing such a niche and underreported headline yesterday, must have just got lost in the mix. What setting does James have on his phone that he doesn’t get those annoying news alerts either? Limited reception at the strip club?


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