This Is A Real Video From A Real Congressman

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Before you get all bent out of shape because this is politics. I had no choice but to blog this. When a United States rep turns himself into Jason Bourne for a campaign rally video, my hands are tied. Was one of those, didn’t want, would have been a huge mistake not to.

So who we have here is Dan Crenshaw. He is a Texas state rep. But he is most famous though as the guy Pete Davidson made fun of on SNL.

Anyway, Dan decided he needed to help his fellow party members from Georgia, as they are bleeding votes. So what better way to be taken seriously in an important office position than to recreate Mission Impossible on your iPhone 9?

I can only imagine that Dave Perdue and Kelly Loeffler saw this and were like. “Oh Dan, this is… You shouldn’t have, like you really really really should not have made this.” I can only assume Dan is one of those guys that goes to gun stores and practices his combat moves with a switch blade in the store.

So I’m not sure what the vote is at or was at but I assume this is pretty much the nail in the coffin for GA. I can’t see you come back from this. If I’m the democrats I don’t say another word and just keep pointing at this video playing on loop.

“Yes we’ve seen the video, but what are your plans if you win? What are you going to do?”

*Democratic canidate points to tv of Dan Crenshaw sky diving*

“Not that, we promise to not do that.”

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