The NBA Might Be Adding Teams, What Players Do You Want The Sixers To Protect From An Expansion Draft?

Reports suggest the NBA will be adding two expansion teams and a great question was asked. What players would you protect from the incoming expansion draft?

I had to do this for the Sixers because we’re a Philly site but I did one for the Celtics too click here to read that.

So, I am the GM of the 76ers and I can only protect 8 of the 17 players listed as being on their roster (by as of 1/6/2021. Now just because you don’t protect a player doesn’t mean they will be taken by one of the new expansion teams but the protected players are guaranteed to stay on your team. In no particular order.

  • Joel Embiid, this is one is a no brainer
  • Ben Simmons, this also feels obvious
  • Tobias Harris, through 7 games he’s probably been the third best player on the team. I can see some strategy in not protecting him because of his contract but when it comes down to it I’d keep him. He’s played well so far this year
  • Seth Curry, exactly what this team needed can’t let him go
  • Tyrese Maxey, no longer getting “steal of the draft” talk unless you speak to a homer but still a good solid young piece
  • Matisse Thybulle, he has had a really rough start to the season but I’m not willing to let him walk for nothing yet
  • Shake Milton, still a young guy and one of the better shooters on the team (even though he’s only shooting 27% from three right now)
  • The last spot I’m between Furkan, Danny Green and Dwight. All three are in the last year of their deal so let’s just ignore that. I’m going to keep Dwight Howard. Dwight gives you the same PPG as Green in half the time and with half the shots, Green is a below average 3 and D guy at this point in his career and should be easily replaceable, ideally by Thybulle but there are cheap replacements in FA or in the draft. Furkan is the easiest to replace out of these three if you ask me. Give the minutes to Maxey and Shake then call it a day. Dwight is the perfect backup for Joel. A big physical rebounder who can protect the rim and add energy to the team.

That’s my eight, I’m not a Sixers fan but I feel like if you’re a fan and you’re being objective you’d agree that’s the right right guys. I know asking a fan to be objective is an oxymoron but just try.

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