My Official Thank You Letter To Daryl Morey & Doc Rivers

AJ Torres

First and foremost I have to say from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

This may seem premature but I don’t care and this is the most confident I’ve felt about this team in a long long time.

To Daryl Morey,

Thank you for putting together a team in a month that the former regime couldn’t create in half a decade. Thank you for finally answering the fans prayers and acquiring shooters and players who work well in spacing. Players that BENEFIT Ben and Joel. Thank you for mingling with us Sixers fans on Twitter. It means more than you know! Last but not least thank you for giving the Sixers fans hope and bringing the true excitement back into this team.

To Doc Rivers,

Thank you for coaching this team with some passion. This team lacked leadership for YEARS, and you are leading these guys with passion and accountability. It shows on the court how well our players are listening and putting your coaching to work. The ball movement and spacing this team has been playing with is the best I have witnessed in my 22 years of being a Sixers fan. Thank you for preaching defense and effort. I have never seen Ben or Joel play with so much tenacity since they’ve been here. You have brought the best out of these guys, and it’s been so much fun and joyful to watch this team in transition and in the half court game. You have our guys playing like a TEAM, and that’s the most important thing moving foward.

As I said you can say this is premature, but I don’t want to hear it. This team has a different feel to it, and I’m here for the ride and HERE THEY COME

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Featured Image: The Inquirer

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