The Houston Texans, As An Organization, Has Failed Their Players

Another season, another blog slandering a poorly run team. Welcome to the fucking thunderdome Houston.

After going 10-6 and losing to the eventual Super Bowl champs in the playoffs the Texans decided “Fuck it, let’s be an absolute embarrassment again”. The year before they went 11-5 then traded Clowney for a third. Awful move. After going 10-6 they trade the best WR in the league for a SECOND ROUND PICK AND A RUNNING BACK! NFL should’ve launched an investigation right after that. Can you imagine having one of the best young QBs in the league and getting rid of the best player on your team for a pick? Now they’re 4-12 and don’t even have their First Round pick this year because ANOTHER bad trade.

Listen, it is Deshauns fault for signing the contract. You knew the team was dysfunctional. Now I bet he didn’t think they’d go 4-12 but you knew this team would be worse then the 10-6 last year. I can’t excuse that decision making. The thought process must’ve been that they’ll still be competitive and he’ll get a massive bag, worst case if he plays well a team will try and get him regardless of the contract.

Link to tweet

He’s 25 by the way.

We’ll be getting some QB movement this off-season for sure. Let’s hope Deshaun is one of those guys getting moved.

PS. No shot this team was going to win 11 games, JJ is out of his mind.

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