Joe Judge’s “Integrity” Rant Is The REAL Black Eye On the Sport


Two days after a lackluster week 17 finale on Sunday Night Football, social media is still ablaze thanks to the Eagles effort, or lack thereof in a 2nd Half loss to the Washington Football Team. The talking heads are fuming thanks to Doug Pederson’s decision to pull Jalen Hurts in favor of Nate Sudfeld for the 4th quarter.

Seth Joyner said it was the most embarrassed he’s been to be an Eagle. Dan Orlovsky, our ally, wrote a full Notes App speech about what a mockery it was. Mike Greenberg dragged Wentz down somehow. And Jeff McLane wrote two Eagles had to be separated from the head coach much like how Rudy Giuliani stated people were being bussed in from Camden to vote in Pennsylvania.

The hysteria surrounding the worst division in NFL history has reached boundless levels.

All of it could, and should be ignored. It’s meaningless banter and fake outrage, pretty much all social media is good for these days.

But, these comments from Joe Judge, head coach of the New York Giants, just can’t be ignored.


Talk about a tone deaf and ignorant lack of accountability. To go 6-10 and have that opinion is laughable. If they wanted to be in the playoffs so bad, try having a winning record. Try even being .500! And to think, they would have won the division anyways had they not blown an 11-point lead to these same Eagles with 5 minutes remaining just several weeks ago.

Scolding a Super Bowl winning head coach about “integrity” because your 6-10 team that scored 27 points total from Weeks 14-16 didn’t backdoor themselves a division crown seems to send the wrong message. Or maybe, for a franchise with one playoff appearance (the boat game) in the past half decade, that is the message you send. The Giants have beaten the Eagles just twice since Carson Wentz was drafted. Yesterday, they avoided being swept by the Cowboys for the third straight season. I guess when you’re continually a loser, it’s a force of habit to send a loser message.


But the worst optics of the entire rant had to be his comments regarding his players buying in during the pandemic. Truly, they have indeed sacrificed a lot. And football was a grueling sport to begin with. But playing “woe is me” because they had to skip Thanksgiving Dinner only to miss the playoffs on the last day is unbearably tone deaf. Guess what, pal? We ALL missed Thanksgiving with our families. Not just those of us who put a helmet on for work. We all made sacrifices, we all got isolated, some of us lost loved ones we’ll never spend holidays with again. Do you think frontline workers CARE that you bought into a season this whole time, and missed holiday meals to do so, just for the Eagles to lose in Week 17? Nobody owes you a God damn thing right now, because EVERY ONE is sacrificing these days.

Joe Judge is everything that has society trending in the wrong direction. Accountability is absent these days. Instead of putting in the hard work and being the best, we rely on others to make our lives easier, just so we can collect a participation trophy at the end.


You bitching about not making the playoffs at 6-10, is exactly what led you to being 6-10 in the first place.

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