The Definitive Ranking Of All Of Cam Newton’s Outfits This Season As A New England Patriot

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This is perhaps the most important, well-researched compilations I have ever put together in my 10 year blogging career.

During his time as a New England Patriot, Cam Newton wasn’t quite must watch television on the field. But off the field, between his eloquent, genuine answers, absolutely ridiculous nicknames, and on the bench theatrics he really has been fun to root for despite the first losing season for the Patriots since way before Twitter even existed.

However Cam’s home field advantage is clearly on the runway. There may be other journalists recapping Cam’s best games or plays of the year, but here are Cam Newton’s best looks of the year. From worst to first.

14. Maybe it’s the wrinkles, but this one isn’t my favorite from Cam. Even though you do have to do a double take to make sure it’s just some AirPod Pros in Cam’s pocket, it just doesn’t have his usual flair. Throw in some ankle socks and a pair of Oakley’s and this could be Ray Lewis on his way to give a sermon.

13. Don’t get me wrong this blouse is immaculate. The signature rabbit’s foot coming out of the cap is pure sex on a noggin. Sitting behind Cam on the bus with that thing must be part of rookie hazing. There are no bad looks from Cam, there are just 12 better ones.

12. Last game of the season Cam went very conservative with the cream turtleneck and oversized trench. Giving me major Kate McCallister at the airport vibes with the slight shoulder pad as well. For his going out party though he should have gone with an extra wide brim and at least 1-3 feathers.

11. Honestly, Cam looks super fucking cool in this outfit. Jumpsuits are very trendy right now but the lapels are a statement. As Tyra Banks would say you want to wear the clothes, and not let the clothes wear you–Cam is wearing the absolute fuck out of this one.

10. This one just cracks the top 10 which goes to show how much of a fashion icon Cam is. Ponchos are a hard one to pull off non-ironicially. I’m sure this thing cost at least a couple grand, but it just doesn’t work on the streets of Foxboro.

9. From head to toe this is what I think the kids are referring to when they say drip. If you crop any part of this pic you can tell whoever is wearing this outfit fucks. There are maybe 3 people on the planet that can pull of the combination of each element of Cam’s 9th best outfit of the 2020 season.

8. Now here’s an outfit I would actually wear during a nice fall night out in Boston. It brings me back to the days of walking up to Lincoln at 11 on a Saturday night. I’m pretty sure I have these exact jeans from Zara. Makes Cam seem more relatable, and shows us what one really should look like in a Chelsea boot ripped jeans and a leather jacket.

7. When Cam is building his portfolio, this is the cover photo. Shoes match the tie and the pocket square. Balanced, unique and effortless. The briefcases take it over the top. Could be on his way to investigate the murder of a 1920’s mobster, or to throw for 157 yards 2 picks and 2 fumbles while losing to the Denver Broncos, we’ll never know.

6. To some pussy ass bitches, this might be seen as a fashion risk. Not for Cam. Canteen and all, Cam is showing he would climb any mountain to win as a member of the New England Patriots. The plaid colorway looks to be signature of some rare Scottish clan. It’s clear Cam does not shy away from showing a little knee and lower thigh area in the name of fashion.

5. This outfit is way too good to waste walking through the parking lot at Gillette Stadium. Some Masshole probably threw up a coffee coolata in the bush behind him. Major Aladdin vibes from Cam although this is the first time I’ve realized Cam hasn’t worn his mask properly in any of these pregame arrival shots. I just can’t confidently put these shoes anywhere outside the top 5.

4. It takes one hell of a MAN to wear a baby blue jacket, bowtie, tapered white ankle pants with no socks and some loafers into a professional football game. Like I don’t think people realize how physically large in stature Cam is either. They don’t even make these size in stores, this has to be custom.

3. This is the first time I genuinely wanted Cam’s outfit. I wonder if Cam has personal security for his clothes so they don’t get stolen in the locker room. If Tom Brady’s game worn jersey can get swiped, there have to be at least a couple influencers waiting in the showers to take this Revolve look alike. You could put Rihanna’s face on Cam’s body here and this would be in the pages of Vogue. It’s not hard to see why Cam has 7 kids.

2. Seeing how much Cam is beaming in this outfit, from his first week here in New England, so hopeful and confident, makes missing out on the playoffs for the first time in 20 years so much more painful. This was like a first day of school outfit. Cam probably had this one in the closet since he was released by the Panthers. One of Cam’s most iconic ensembles of all time. If I was Bill Belichick I would have signed a $20 million dollar check on sight of this suit.

  1. Cam’s best outfit of the season. When he signed with the Patriots and thought about a quintessential New England autumn with colorful foliage and a brisk wind, he had this one in mind. The velvet vest was what sold me on this as a #1 look, but the satchel attached to his hat took it to another level. If Cam wears that rabbit’s foot out in the open, what secrets could be held inside that satchel?

So here it is, the collective and certified ranking of Cam’s best looks as a Patriot. Conflicting reports on if this will be the final collection but if this was Cam’s last and only season with the Patriots, he certainly left it all on and off the field.


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January 4, 2021 2:23 am

This is quality lol. I love outfit number 6!

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