Everyone’s Sunday BFF Scott Hanson Helps Barstool Fund After Record Breaking NFL RedZone Day!


I love Scott Hanson.  You love Scott Hanson.  Everyone loves Scott Hanson.  He has been a part of our Sunday’s and our lives for years now.  I honestly don’t remember what NFL Sunday’s were like without Scott and RedZone and I honestly never want to know what it is like again.  I sit there like a little kid on Christmas waiting to open his presents when the countdown clock in on my TV!

My wife has this year has fallen in love with THE WITCHING HOUR!  No matter where she is in the house when she hears Scott on the TV say “ladies gentlemen we have reached the Witching Hour” she yells… WHERE WINS BECOME LOSSES AND LOSSES BECOME WINS!  You just gotta love it.

…And, you know what else you just gotta love?

What a move.  We absolutely love the Barstool fund and what they are doing as well, and if you can please donate to help small businesses…  Donate To The Barstool Fund

Little did we know or Scott know that Sunday was going to be a record day for the NFL, for RedZone and for Scott!

Prior to Sunday the record for touchdowns in a single Sunday of NFL RedZone was 85 touchdowns.  And then yesterday the record was shattered… 96 touchdowns!  96 between the early window and the late window!

Thank you Scott for the awesome donation and THANK YOU for another amazing year of RedZone.  Especially this season, this year where we needed it even more than we knew.  Sunday’s with you and the best moments of the NFL got so many of us through this very difficult year.

We are all already counting down the days until we can spend 11 hours with you again every Sunday!


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