Eagles Tank Week 17, The First Loss Fans Can Appreciate

In a year where people needed an escape from reality, they sat down on Sundays if they were an Eagles fan just to end up with more mental anguish.

With a 20-14 loss (and practical forfeit) to Washington on Sunday Night Football, the most miserable Eagles season in quite some time has officially come to an end.


My Opinion On the 2nd Half Tank:

Who cares. This was a heavily depleted team going into tonight. Washington deserves a ton of heat for being in the situation where they NEEDED an Eagles tank. The Giants deserve no sympathy. They won just 6 games, and would have won 7 but choked in a Thursday Night Football game back in October against these Eagles. The Jaguars are bad for the league. The Jets openly tanked. That’s really bad for the league. Trust me, a week 17 forfeiture in the worst division in football history is not a bigger black eye than the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes.


My Opinion On The Team:

People think the Eagles should be embarrassed over a Week 17 tank? In the 15 weeks where they actually tried, they produced: 4 wins, a QB controversy, more enormous draft whiffs, and a $71 million salary cap hole for 2021. They were quite an embarrassing shitshow well before tonight.


Whether Jalen Hurts is the guy or not, at this point they really have no choice. The 2021 salary cap situation is such a tangled mess, if Wentz agrees to facilitate a trade by restructuring his deal, they have no choice but to pull a trigger on it. Hurts left a lot to be desired. He might be the guy. Or we may be talking ourselves into yet another quarterback that will turn heel on in three years when things inevitably crumble.

There is no quarterback who can thrive here with Howie Roseman making decisions. It’s been five years of drafting. They have one pro-bowler to show for it. Wentz. The 2017 draft produced one starter: Derek Barnett.

It’s a bleak future. You can’t blame Carson Wentz for wanting out of it. It will take a wave of a magic wand from a fairy godparent like the Sixers got from Daryl Morey to clean up their mess.


The story tonight is Washington. Ron Rivera came in and immediately instituted a better culture for a workplace that badly needed it. Alex Smith almost died, now he is leading a team to the playoffs.


The Eagles don’t matter tonight in the grand scheme of things. And if they aren’t careful, they’ll end up not mattering for years to come.



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