Can Angelo Cataldi Ever Recover From This?

Eagles suck, I’m just going to get that out of the way now. Yes, we lost the Washington Redskins Football Team. It’s a lost I will accept because our Birds put forth a valent effort which allowed us to move from the 9th pick to the 6th. But it’s not about draft picks, it’s about putting the best players on the field to win the game.

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Can’t wait for Howie to draft a subpar Big Ten wideout who made 2nd team two straight years. Who knows, maybe he’ll draft oooo I don’t know Devonta Smith?



So we didn’t get to see fireworks after a win or did we….

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Dougie P said “fuck you and this interview, I’m heading back into the lab and planning next years mediocre season” or he may have been kidding, I’m not good at picking up on jokes. If it was a joke, it was as good as the season. I’m sure Doug is tired of talking to Philly Sports media, can’t blame him after having a terrible season. Everyday getting questions bombarded at you from people like Ant, seriously I wouldn’t want to talk to him that early in the morning, guy is fucking annoying. These cockroaches don’t have an offseason, even if the 76ers win the championship, they’ll still be talking about the Eagles and what their doing about Carson, or their terrible draft pick, or they should have hired a better DC. It’ll be ok Angelo, don’t take it personal, or go on a rant that makes zero sense and agree with all of South Philly.


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