All Time Loser, Sal Paolantonio Is Opening An Investigation On The Eagles Loss Last Night

I don’t want to sound dramatic but Sal Pal might be the biggest snake in the history of sports. Just somehow always sticking his neck into things that don’t involve him what so ever. From being the face of deflategate to now taking it upon himself to investigate the Eagles. We’ve left 2020 and entered crazytown.

First off, go get bent. Of course the Eagles lost this game on purpose. You’re not breaking any news. The fact that there are so many people shocked by this is insane. What did you think they were going to do? Play balls to the wall to win a meaningless game and hurt their own draft stock? Lol. K.

Giants fans and players that are upset about how this shook out can go cry me a river. Imagine going 6-10 and feeling like you were robbed of a playoff spot. YOU WON 6 GAMES!!! GTFOH. How about win another game yourself you losers. Remember that time your overweight tightend dropped an easy throw to beat the Eagles? Go yell at him. Every time I open up twitter and see people talking about integrity and all that, I can’t stop laughing.

Philadelphia lost on purpose and moved from 9 to 6. Do you know what it would cost to move up 3 spots in the first round, especially that high? If you were trading for it, it would cost you at least a high third round pick or a low second. So sorry that the Eagles saw an opportunity to move up the draft by giving up a meaningless week 17 game. Cry more.

Sal Pal and the rest of you cheese eating rat bastards like Seth Joyner need to wake up. If you are such a small minded person to not see why a team would do this, you shouldn’t be in the media world. Honestly. Your opinion doesn’t matter if your brain is so small that this offends you. If the Patriots and Bill Belichick did this, we’d be calling it genius. But today Philly needs to defend themselves all because the Giants, the SIX AND TEN Giants got the short end of the stick.

Boo fucking hoo.

Go Birds!

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