Carson Not Playing Tonight Or Probably Ever Again For The Eagles


What a firestorm this morning of reports coming out of the NovaCare Complex:

  • Carson Wentz is going to request a trade (Chris Mortensen)
  • If Wentz does request a trade, he would prefer the Colts (Ian Rappaport)
  • Carson Wentz is a healthy scratch tonight (multiple sources)
  • The relationship between Wentz and Doug Pederson is fractured beyond repair (Adam Schefter)


You think there may have been some closed door meetings this week at the Eagles facility that didn’t go too well?!

It seems as if when the report that Doug Pederson was coming back surfaced, it triggered the reports today. If Wentz and Pederson do detest each other, it became like the prophecy in the Harry Potter books: “Neither can live while the other survives”.


For Carson, who can blame him for wanting out. This team has drafted one pro-bowl player in the last half decade, it was Wentz himself.  They are $71 million OVER the salary cap next year. They have infamous draft misses like DK Metcalf, Justin Jefferson and a total whiff in the 2017 RB Class. They have four wins, have regressed each year since the Super Bowl and don’t even have a bright rebuild ahead of them. Howie Roseman has created a mess that he shouldn’t be allowed to clean up. But you can’t blame Wentz for not sticking around to find out if Roseman gets that chance.


As for Doug Pederson, his life likely won’t be the same just less Wentz. He created a role for himself where he was offensive Czar and there was no offensive coordinator. A four win team that was top 5 in penalties was the result.

From the creators of How To Lose a Guy in 10 Guys, comes How To Destroy a Super Bowl Window in 3 Years.

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