BREAKING: Flyers, Bruins, Knights, Avs Heading Outdoors?


Well well well, it looks like after all the NHL has a few tricks up their sleeves…According to Sportsnet Elliotte Friedman, the NHL will have an outdoor series weekend in Lake Tahoe.

According to Friedman it appears that there will be two games during the weekend of February 20th. The Colorado Avalanche and the Vegas Golden Knights will be the first matchup on Saturday. Then on Sunday we will have the Philadelphia Flyers taking on the Boston Bruins.

I absolutely love this idea, if you can’t do your typical outdoor games this year like the Winter Classic or the Stadium Series what better way to make up for it. On top of it being a cool experience for the players it will also be an extremely cool sight to see as compared to the usual outdoor games that take place in an outdoor stadium this will have much more of a pond hockey feel.

There won’t be fans in attendance but you can bet that NBC will have some great camera angles for us as fans. The NHL had to find more ways to bring in money with COVID not allowing all teams to start the season with fans so I have to give them props for finding interesting ways to do so.

Friedman stated in his article that this is a one year experiment right now but depending on how well it goes the NHL could do more of these in the future. This idea really brings hockey back to its roots with having an outdoor game essentially on a lake. I am super excited for what this will look like and it’s also pretty cool that my Flyers will be one of the teams playing in this weekend series.

Nothing has been confirmed by the NHL just yet, but everything is looking pretty good for that to happen soon.

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Featured Image-NHL

Source:Elliotte Friedman

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